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Contents of the Current issue; Volume 4 issue 1 (2018)

(01 – 03)
Research Papers
(04 – 14)
Visual Presence/Absence and the Mediation of the Male Gaze in Hitchcock’s Frenzy
Sambhu R.
(15 – 28)
Arbitrary Power: Moral Failure of Humanity
Sreetama Misra
Sanjit Chakraborty
(29 – 40)
Imagining Nature: An Ecocritical Reading of Selected Poems of Bronte Sisters
Jamiel Ahmad
(41 – 53)
A Study of Some Negative Aspects of Professionalism in Managing Ethical Standards in Higher Education in India
Prasanta Kumar Panda
(54 – 71)
The Role of Error Analysis in Developing English Writing Skills of the Technical Students in the Private Engineering Colleges of West Bengal under MAKAUT
Kashmi Mondal
Gautam Banerjee

(72 – 79)
Putting Up
Sahar Raza
(80 – 86)
Life Upside Down
Akshat Joshi
(87 – 88)
One Way
Azeez Jasim Mohammed

(89 – 95)
Poems by Balaram Das
Translated by S D Baral
(96 – 97)
Untittled Poems
Ananya S Guha
(98 – 101)
Voices of the Great Indian Plateau
Rizio Yohannan Raj
Book Review
(102 – 104)
The Golden House
Salman Rushdie
Reviewed by P. K. Panda

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Journal of Humanistic Enquiry
(A Peer Reviewed International Journal)

ISSN 2359-0943

Prasanta Kumar Panda

Azeez Jasim Mohammed



 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Lenka                                          Linguistics
 Dr. Monoj Kumar Mishra                                       Peace and Conflict Studies
 Dr. Ramachandra Sahoo                                       Education
 Dr. H. L. Agnihotri                                                 English
 Dr. C. D. Adhikari                                                 Sociology
  Prof. S. N. Upadhyay                                          Prof. Guru Charan Behera
  Prof. E. Raja Rao                                                  Prof. Mrutyunjay Mishra
  Prof. Prodosh Kumar Mishra                                Prof. Madan Lal
Public Relation and Advertising
  Sangita Panda

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Contents of the Current Issue; Volume 3 Issue 2 (2017)

(01 – 04)
Research Papers
(05 – 12)
Heterotopias in Purple Hibiscus
Sneha Pathak
(13 – 27)
Christopher Fry’s The Dark is Light Enough: A Winter Comedy Evoking ‘Redemption of Joy Through Death’
T. Sasikanth Reddy
(28 – 54)
Nativization as Style and Identity Marker in Barclays Ayakoroma’s Dance on his Grave
Ebi Yeibo
(55 – 61)
Environmental Sustainability
H.L. Agnihotri
(62 – 71)
Maintaining Honesty in Academia: Why and How to Avoid the Temptation of Plagiarism
Prasanta Kumar Panda
(72 – 79)
A Man of Substance
Chandra Mohan Bhandari
(80 – 86)
Second Mistake
Sunaina Jain
(87 – 94)
The Sunset
Humera Ahmed
Malsawmi Jacob
Splintered Crystals
Parminder Singh
(97 – 98)


Rochelle Potkar
Joie Bose
Book Review
(100 – 101)
Communication Goals and Approaches
Ronald B. Adler and Russell F. Proctor. II
Reviewed by P. K. Panda
(102 – 104)
ZOMBIE TALK: Culture, History, Politics
David R. Castillo, David Schmid, David A. Reilly and John
Edgar Browning (Eds.)
Reviewed by Azeez Jasim Mohammed

Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Aspirations

This journal is an attempt to enhance the formidable march of finer sensibilities not only to glorify the art forms and their manifestation in real life situations but also to find ways to enrich them through constructive criticism. The ways are not limited and the ideas are not framed. So the conclusions are open-ended. With this intent we are open to our writers as well as readers. They are together our source of  a beginning ─ an endeavour to map a future for human beings, which will be different from evaluating everything worthy by the currency that define the three-dimensional ways of life, devoid of a higher abstract order all aspire.

We understand that it is neither always necessary nor possible to authenticate one’s views by citing names and content published earlier. We understand that original/innovative thoughts need not be juxtaposed or synthesised with the so called experts’ in the discipline to prove their worth. So feel free to communicate ideas, without bothering to use search machines in the internet to sprinkle your text with quotes/paraphrases/summaries of what others have said, to prove that your work is scholarly in nature. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to go by the traditional ways of scholarship if you are comfortable in managing it as a matter of academic practice. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Glimpses of the January-June issue of Nuances (Vol. 2 No.1)

                                  Research Papers

Feminism and Marginalized Texts  

(01 – 22)
Women Writers and Their Marginalized Texts: A Perspective from Ancient and Medieval India
Dilip Naik
Sarangadhar Baral

Religious Perspectives 
 (23 – 32)
Influences of Bhagwat Gita on the works of T.S. Eliot
Sandeep Bhatnagar
(33 – 45)
 Spiritual Conditioning of Ethical and Moral Values Through Islamic Education
Fouzia Khanam
Zebun Nisa Khan

(46 – 54)
    The Dogma of Casteism in Girish Karnad’s Play Tale-Danda
T. Eswar Rao

Irish Immigrant Heritage 
(55 –67)
Symbolism in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night: A Study of Irish Immigrant Heritage
Sayyed Rahim Moosavinia
Elham Shishebor

Romanticism in Postcolonialism
(68 –74)
The Romantic Orientalists and the Nayars of Malabar:
A Postcolonial Reading
Anupama Nayar

Epic Literature
(75 –87)
Divided by Eras and Culture; United by Genre and Unique Feature: Kalidasa and Milton as Epic Literatures
Sumathi Shivakumar

(88 – 92)
Walk with Death!
Md. Ziaul Haque


(93 – 95)
Mr Conscience
Subodh Sarkar
(96 – 97)
Overmind Rhythm
Ramesh Mukhopadhyaya

Book Review

(98 – 100)
Harper Lee
Go Set a Watchman

Reviewed by: P. K. Panda