Friday, June 19, 2015


Research Papers

Special Feature – Media and Literature
(01 – 17)
Zombies and “World War Z”: Between Apocalyptic View and Reality
Azeez Jasim Mohammed, Dr.
Taught English Language and Literature at Teachers’ Training Institute – Baghdad, Iraq.
(M): +918960444737 email:

History and Philosophy in Fiction
(18 – 49)
Fictionalization of History and Philosophy in Santeshivara Lingannaiah Bhyrappa’s
The Caravan
Basavaraj Naikar, Prof.
A Professor Emeritus, Former Professor and Chairman, Department of English, Karnatak University, Dharwad Email:

Canadian English Literature
(50 – 57)
Pretence, Silence and the Appropriation of Individual Interestin Sharon Pollock’s Whiskey Six Cadenza
Papiya Lahiri, Dr.
Assistant Professor, Department of English & Modern European Languages, Banasthali University, India. Email:

Indian English Literature
(58 – 67)
Tracing the Elements of Protest in Select Plays of Badal Sircar
Srotoswini Dey
Assistant Professor in English, Bikramjit Goswami Memorial College, West Bengal. (M): 09477773436, email:

Comparative Linguistics
(68 –83)
Chinese and English Null Arguments: Theoretical Perspectives and Comparisons of Syntactic Differences
Xiangyue Yu, Dr.
Associate Professor at the Department of English, School of Foreign Studies, Huzhou University, Zhejiang Province, PR China. Director of the Institute of Business Foreign Languages. Email: China.


(84 – 92)
The Itching Muse
N. D. Dani, Dr.
Associate Professor in English at Sri Jai Narain Postgraduate College (Lucknow University), Lucknow. Email:

(93 – 95)
Stephen Gill, Prof.
Ansted Poet Laureate; EAU Adjunct Prof.Websites: Managing Ed. www.writerslifeline.caTel. 613-932-7735, Email: Canada.


As it were Dante’s Inferno
Biplab Majee
 Author, Poet and Critic. Email:

The Top
H. L. Agnihotri, Prof.
 A Retired Professor, Punjabi University, Patiala. Email:

New Year Prayer
Nar Deo Sharma, Prof.
A Professor and Head, IET College, Alwar. (M): +91 9829812821, email:

Book Review

(99 – 101)
Sashi Tharoor
India: The Future is Now
Reviewed by:
P K Panda, Prof.
A Professor of English, Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), UP. India. (M): +91 94-15-301853, email: